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When drivers show up to my dock, they are prepared with the correct loading information. This saves us a lot of time on the loading end. Director of Shipping and Warehousing -
Glass Manufacturer & Distributor
My company ships all over and I need carriers who support this. I'm confident that you'll send the right equipment with a good driver. Transportation Manager -
Paper Manufacturer
When the truck broke down, you kept us informed every step of the way and helped us navigate the install with our customer. EVP Sales & Marketing -
It was due to the extra efforts of the personnel at General Transportation that we were able to continue servicing our customers during our difficult time. Corporate Transportation Manager -
Top 3 Paper Manufacturer
I don't have time to call a bunch of carriers. General responds quickly and is competitive most of the time; we've checked. Shipping Coordinator -
Lumber Distributor

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Shipping Manager | Steel Distributor
Everyone should have a relationship with a broker. Don't wait until you NEED a'll be too late.

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