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General Transportation’s support is second to none. From accuracy at dispatch to billing, they have it all together. Logistics Manager -
Paper & Janitorial Supplies Distributor
When drivers show up to my dock, they are prepared with the correct loading information. This saves us a lot of time on the loading end. Director of Shipping and Warehousing -
Glass Manufacturer & Distributor
When it's 5 on Friday and I have to get a hot shipment going, you always come through! Logistics Manager -
Packaging Manufacturer
Thanks for all your help here guys. You truly helped save the day for our customer! Industrial Sales Manager -
Industrial Supplies & Distribution
From CSA to CARB to HOS, John keeps me current on changing regulations and how they impact my business. This helps me inform my customers. Purchasing Manager -
Foam Distributor

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Shipping Manager | Steel Manufacturer
You know when the driver is there, you know when he leaves, and you will know when he is planning to deliver. Communication is the best part of dealing with them.

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